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Apart from the jumbo bags, which are capable of holding a wide range of materials in different shapes and sizes, we also manufacture and produce one ton bags. These bags, as the name suggests, have the capacity of holding and grasping a wide range of materials up to one ton in size.

One ton bags are regarded as dumpy bags, builder bags, or simply the FIBC bags. This highly flexible product is conventionally influenced with the construction industry, however, at Dezhou Hongqian Industries Company Ltd, our bags are used in storing different raw materials and chemicals like sugar, corn, limestone, sandstone, garbage, and plenty of other things, etc.

Besides this, one ton bags are widely used in the farming sector for the transportation of fertilizers, agricultural, and waste products. You can easily use this bag at home, particularly in the garden for re-using and recycling the garden waste.

Another most widely manufactured and supplied product is the weed barrier landscape fabric which is supplied in different countries like Japan, Sweden, Indonesia, Korea, and many more, etc.

An effective and easy solution to the permanent control is the weed barrier landscape fabric. You can always purchase it from us, and we can ensure you that the quality of our products will suffice your requirements. With that being said, our quality is unmatchable and the best of all.

This fabric is relatively easy to install and use. Top the temperature from degradation and this fabric should always be covered with a rock or mulch.
1 Ton FIBC Jumbo Big Bulk Container pp Bag for Building Material
US $1.5-3.86 / Piece
1000 Piece/Pieces

1 Ton Bag
Container Bag
Big Bag
Jumbo Bag
Bulk Bag
Sack Bag
Fibc Bag

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Dezhou Hongqian Industries Company Ltd. was established in 2011, it is located in Dezhou, Shandong. The company has total assets of $6500000, now it has about 200 employees, 20 technicians of various kinds included. We are one geosynthetics company in China.


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