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Detailed Product Description:

Material: HDPE Product Thickness: 0.20mm  to 3.0mm
Product Width: 1 to 8 Meter For Choice Roll Length: 50m-100m Or As Requested
Product Color: Black or as per request. Sample: Free Of Charge

We are known for innovating and making different products. Keeping the spirit alive, we have also started manufacturing and producing BOPP film (biaxially oriented polypropylene film).

BOPP film suppliers use BOPP film largely and extensively as a robust thermoplastic polymer. When a BOPP based polypropylene film is biaxially positioned, BOPP, it becomes evident but remains to be widely available in different finishes. The polypropylene film substrates rational economics, resistance towards fatigue and conformability make it the most suitable product for packaging and supplying to the different clients belonging from different countries. BOPP is most widely used for applications demanding resistance towards moisture, high tensile strength and optical clarity for things like:

  • Medical packaging
  • Food & beverage packaging
  • Tamper evident films
  • Personal care product packaging

BOPP Film Product Information

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, is currently the most popular and utilized packaging material throughout the industrial spectrum. In addition, BOPP film is also the most popular option for food packaging.

BOPP films in food packaging are safe to use as it’s also resistant to acids and solvents. If we take a look at many beverages and food items, for example, coffee, citrus, and tomatoes are highly acidic. Even if there isn’t any direct contact between the label and the product, during the manufacturing process, there may be a risk of minimal contact that causes deterioration or stain in other types of label material. However, if you use BOPP films, it can help in reducing the risk. BOPP films can be relied on for labels that can be used as canning labels, jar labels, and bottle labels.

Perks of Using BOPP Packaging Material

Here are a few reasons why BOPP film manufacturing is encouraged.

  • It has a blend of incredible slip and optical properties. The polished and superb clearness gives great stylish interest though precise slop properties make it reasonable to execute well on different form fill seal (FFS), overwrapping and changing over machines with the end goal to enhance or keep up high profitability;
  • It is recyclable and does not radiate risky gas while reprocessing
  • High rigidity, low extension, and mild contraction render it appropriate for preparing on fast printing, covering/overlaying and other changing over machines.
  • It tends to be customized to suit different client needs, which might be a blend of any optical/obstruction, optical/mechanical, optical/surface properties and so on;
  • It gives a higher surface region for every unit weight, which makes it financially savvy;
  • The co-expelled warm sealable movies are favored on the grounds that they give seal-ability notwithstanding obstruction and better style without the inclusion of any extra covering or overlaying activity, making the bundle savvy;
  • It has low dampness transmission rate than other bundling films, which enhances the timeframe of realistic usability and holds freshness of the food products delicate to dampness;

It is non-responsive or dormant to its olefin (hydrocarbon) nature. This makes it safe and reasonable for use in the sustenance and pharmaceutical businesses. It is additionally appropriate for basic techniques for disinfection rehearsed by the company.



Product Details:

Place of Origin: DEZHOU CITY,CN
Brand Name: HUAXIANG
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: HX-HG

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000SQM
Price: 0.50-2.85USD
Packaging Details: Standard export packages
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000SQM/Monthly




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